Big Data Services

We help businesses make data-driven decisions by unlocking valuable insights

Information sits as the centerpiece of all marketing activities. It appears that a company’s success is directly proportional to its big data management. Companies gather and use as much information as possible about clients and use it for informed decisions. Big data analytics is needed in order to visualize and organize information generated through reports, system logs or CRM records.

We believe that every company can become a data-driven one. To ensure that we developed a range of services that include big data strategy, real-time big data processing services, machine learning, data platform management, and analytics solutions. This is how we partner up with you in your journey to extract value from data and turn them into actionable insights:

  • Data ingestion - we create scalable and open-source software capable to collect, ingest and manage multiple data sources

  • Data storage - we engineer scalable data lakes and data warehouses for efficient storage and data retrieve

  • Data pipeline - we build complex pipelines to manage the volume, variety, and velocity of real-time or historical data

  • BI & Analytics - we build interactive dashboards that process and help visualize data in order to provide insights for enhanced decision making

  • Artificial Intelligence - we build custom software to automate decision making

This is how we help companies stay relevant by keeping high levels of customer engagement.

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