Dedicated Development Teams

Outsource to dedicated software development teams

We help you level up your software development capacities with our self-managed and easy-to-control dedicated development. When you choose a dedicated team for your project you hire an already formed team who can easily integrate into your existing processes. You hire a team that is fully dedicated to your project but acts self-managed. This is a great option for you if you need extra force to deliver software without the hustle of recruiting and training new team members.

We can provide you an assembled and unified team that is able to take care of its processes, motivation and management so you can focus on the project as a whole and control the project’s deadlines.

Why should you choose a dedicated development team?

  • You avoid an expensive recruitment process - we all know how expensive and unpredictable a recruitment process can be. By hiring a dedicated team all the costs are presented up-front in a transparent manner so you always know where you are at a financial level.

  • You ramp up your project quick and easy - the team’s setup is quick and easy since the members already function as a whole. They pick up the tasks in no time and they are able to integrate into your development process regardless of its particularities.

  • You don’t have to adjust processes by yourself - we respect your communication model and adapt to it with flexibility. Also, if needed, we tune in alternative tools and environments for your team to efficiently communicate with our team.

  • You keep full ownership of your project, but with the extra PDCsoft experience - we adopt and follow your company’s best practices and share our knowledge and experience with your team

  • You get results without the hustle of daily management - we provide a dedicated project manager who controls the daily processes and reports to your project manager as many times as needed. This way we ensure transparency and align to the project’s goals.

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